Courageous Heart

Have you ever felt like there's an invisible barrier holding you back from truly embracing joy and

fulfillment in your life?

Do you seek a deeper connection with your inner self and the universe, but find it hard to tune out

the noise of everyday stress and negative energy?

Do you ever felt like your reservoir of motivation and energy is depleting, making it harder each day

to take the inspired actions necessary to fulfill your purpose?

Despite your dedication to serving others, do you sometimes battle with feelings of dissatisfaction

and emptiness, yearning for a deeper connection with your true self and your inner guidance?

Are you ready to transform your life by clearing the path to your highest self, but unsure where to

start or who to trust on this journey?

You are in the right place!

Welcome to Courageous Heart!

Transforming Darkness into Light: Your Journey to Freedom and Joy

In a world where unseen energies  can weigh heavy on our hearts and minds, Courageous Heart stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. Here, we understand the subtle yet profound ways dark force energies can cloud our lives—casting shadows over our joy, diluting our passions, and muddling our clarity.

The Impact of Dark Force Energies

Dark force energies, invisible to the eye yet palpable to the spirit, can seep into our lives, creating barriers to our happiness and fulfillment. They manifest as inexplicable fears, lingering sadness, or a persistent sense of being held back, no matter how hard we try to move forward. These energies obscure our path, leaving us feeling lost, fatigued, and disconnected from our true selves and our higher purpose.

Your Pathway to Clarity and Liberation

At Courageous Heart, we journey with you through the darkness, guided by the divine light of the Archangels and the transformative power of quantum energy healing. Our mission is to illuminate your path, clearing the way for you to step into your light fully. Imagine living free from the invisible burdens that once held you back, moving forward with a heart full of courage, clarity, and purpose.

The Transformation of Healing

With each healing session, we delve deep into the energetic imprints that dark forces leave behind, gently removing them and restoring your spiritual equilibrium. This cleansing process not only liberates you from their grasp but also awakens an inner strength and vibrancy you may have never known you had. Freed from these energies, you’ll find yourself making decisions with confidence, embracing life’s challenges with a renewed sense of hope, and connecting more deeply with your own intuition and joy.

Embrace Your Highest Vibration

As we clear these energies, we also work to elevate your vibration, surrounding you with a protective shield of light that keeps you safe from future intrusions. This shield does more than just protect; it nurtures your spirit, allowing your highest self to flourish, free from the shadows of the past.

Begin Your Journey with Courageous Heart

Are you ready to cast off the shadows and embrace the light of your true potential? Let Courageous Heart guide you back to your path of light, love, and liberation.


Martha D. Alexander, J.D.

Spiritual Cleanse Practitioner, Quantum Energy Healer,

My journey has been a testament to the power of light over darkness. For years, dark force energies targeted me, attempting to dim the radiant essence of my being. Yet, here I stand, not just untouched but encased in a shield of permanent protection, a testament to the resilience and triumph of the spirit. I am Martha Davis Alexander, and my path has transformed me into a beacon for those seeking to reclaim their joy and laughter from the shadows.

- My Transformative Shield: My life story is not just my own; it's a beacon of hope, a promise that permanent protection from dark energies is not just a dream but a reality I live and share.

- Celestial Partnerships: In this journey, I'm never alone. I work hand in hand with your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors—all chosen for their supreme love and light. Together, we form an invincible team, ready to lift you into the light.

- Archangel Alliance: Armed with the unwavering strength of Archangels, I wield the power to sweep away any dark force energies that dare to challenge your brilliance.

I approach this sacred mission with the joy and light-heartedness it deserves, knowing well the weight it carries. Rest assured, the process with me is far from the frightful scenes of movies—no spinning heads or dramatic exorcisms, just heartfelt practices aimed at cleansing, protecting, and restoring your essence.

Choosing me means opting for a guardian who blends earnest dedication with a sprinkle of fun. My purpose is to illuminate your path back to laughter, love, and a vibrantly lived life. I am Martha Davis Alexander, where deep healing meets boundless joy.

What I Can Help You With...

Gain Clarity of Mind, Path and Purpose

Ever feel like you're trying to read a map in the dark? Let's turn on the light together! I'll help you clear the fog, so you can see your path and purpose with crystal clarity. It's like finally finding your glasses and realizing that the blurry 'monster' was just a pile of clothes. Plus, with this new found clarity, making decisions that are in perfect alignment with your true self becomes as easy as choosing your favorite ice cream flavor on a hit summer day.

Inspired Action with Results

Feeling like you're stuck on a hamster wheel, going round and round with low motivation and even lower energy? It's time to hop off and find your stride! Together, we'll transform that "why bother" vibe into a "let's do this" energy. I'll be your personal hype squad, helping you discover the spark that lights your fire, turning those "I can't" moments into "I absolutely will" victories. Imagine swapping the endless wheel for a path lined with success and high-fives. Ready to trade in those hamster wheel sneakers for some rocket boots?

A Deeper Sense of Self and Ability to Listen to Your Inner Guidance

In this noisy world, it's too easy to lose track of the most important voice — yours. Amidst the hustle, the bustle, and the endless to-do lists, your inner voice can get drowned out. But what if I told you that within you lies an incredible wisdom, a compass that can guide you through the stormiest seas to sunny shores? Together, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, peeling back the layers to reveal your true essence. It's like becoming an archaeologist in your own life, uncovering treasures of insight and intuition you never knew you had. We'll cultivate a sacred space for you to tune in, listen, and trust your inner guidance, making decisions that resonate with your soul. As you reconnect with your inner self, you'll find that you're not just marching to the beat of your own drum; you're leading the parade. Get ready to embrace your inner wisdom, dance with your shadows, and light up your path with stars only you can see.

Rave Reviews..

"Working with Martha was an extraordinary experience. Honestly, she exudes compassion and authenticity. She astutely narrowed what I thought was complicated and overwhelming to a few actions. I was shocked. I was languishing over this problem for weeks and after talking to her in just a few minutes, I was able to move forward in a direction. I have found that I can rely on Martha to be encouraging, empathetic, and most importantly, present."

Sophia N. - Virginia

Martha has absolutely made a difference in my life. I have done the F.I.X Code with her and am SO deeply happy with the results. I have felt a significant shift in my mindset about issues and episodes that have been causing me anguish for many years. I no longer dwell on those issues and the memories no longer cause pain. I feel a sense of serenity I previously had sought to no avail. I am extremely thankful to Martha for the growth she helped me facilitate. I feel a sense of peace and happiness, trust and love, all because of what seems like a very simple process. I have no idea how or why her system worked, but it absolutely did for me!

Regina O.- California